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Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh I gave this book 4 stars mainly because Lora Leigh brought back characters from her previous books that I have fallen in love with and have missed.

The story was good but I wouldn't have given it a higher rating by itself. The chocolate references got old. For most of the story the main character Storme was a brat and her arguments became frustrating.

Because I've read all the Breed books I found a few inconsistencies but that can happen when you read a series and the author might tend to "forget" what was said in prior books. One of these in this book, was said several times that no breed had "almost mated" his mate. This is not true since Tanner(the Bengal from Tanner's Scheme) couldn't claim his mate until they got over some emotional hurdles as in this book.

I love the Breed books and will continue to read them even if they are hit or miss. I look forward to reading her next one about Navarro and will patiently await for Cassie's story.