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Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy - Carlos Eire I really enjoyed reading this story. I think because I'm half Cuban, I enjoyed it for similar memories that have been recited to me so often by my father(he also came to Miami from Cuba in 1962 with the 14,000 other children during this time). Carlos Eire's telling of his childhood in Cuba is so vivid that it would be hard not to imagine actually being there. I could see the colors, feel the textures and see the characters faces in his explainations. I've yet to see his equal in writing style.

The only drawback I found are the sequence of events since they are unpredictably scattered. This makes it hard to have a consistent flow during his 40 chapters.

I would recommend this book to autobiography fans, Cuban history enthusiasts or anyone that just hates lizards. (you'll have to read the book to find that one out).