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Sacred Secrets - Roxy Harte I would really rate this 3.5 stars.

The first 3/4 of the book was pretty good. The only thing that was constantly nagging me is that Kitten cries in every chapter no matter if she is happy,angry,sad or coming. I guess it's to show how weak she is. Also the "love scenes" aren't complete (no money shot). Basically, she gets hers and then the next chapter they are waking up in the afternoon. But because he was formerly with a man it leaves this reader wondering how was it for him to be with a woman again?
The characters were painted very well and I loved Jackie.

Then the downfall..........
After he finds out she is a reporter the book disappoints me so greatly that I had to just vent to a friend about it! Master/Garrett/Lewd/Lord Ice becomes the weakest excuse for a person. For the person that was portraid as the "Dominant" he runs away, goes to Mexico, sleeps with several men and comes back just as weak. What happened to claiming her as his? He is a completly different person than he's been so far in the story. And his supposed archenemy is Lion, but when he has his first and only interaction with him, you only get the aftermath of Garrett telling his secretary that he broke the evangelists nose.

Kitten/Jane/Celia/Kat disturbes me greatly in the last quarter of the book. The whole drama of writing desperate letters to the newspaper begging for her "Master" back gets old after the second one. And the "Kitten sightings" are ridiculous. I thought she was going to commit suicide when she gave her pregnant cat to Garrett. Why would she do that to the cat she loved and the man that didn't want anything to do with her? It is only after her life is threatened that Garrett sees he wants to be with her and then after all this drama and whining from both sides.......she doesn't even choose to be with him yet. She chooses to be with Thomas/Lord Fyre so he could teach her things that her "Master" couldn't. Really?