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Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward 2 stars for the Phury and Cormia love story. This is being generous because theirs was kind of an after thought. I found myself saying "Just get on with it already!" everytime I got to their portions of the book. There was a time that I actually thought "Would I really cry if Phury OD'd? NO!" because he frustrated the piss out of me. I guess it made for a better ending when he didn't.

5 stars for the rest of the story lines, which now seems like there were 10 or more! I did shed a tear when Tohr came back and John got to tell him what he needed to say in about two seconds of sign language.
And when Z sang to Phury, that was another sweet moment.

I can't wait to see what will happen with Rehv, John, Tohr, Zhex(Sex as Jennifer would say), Lash, Quinn, Blay, Payne, Lassiter the fallen angel, the Chosen that aren't the Chosen anymore and The Scribe not-so-virgin.

I am left wondering why Butch isn't sucking up all the Lessers anymore? I mean, I thought he was supposed to be the savior or something? Speaking of Butch, why did J.R. Ward use basically the same story line with Butch and V as she is now using with Blay and Quinn? Where is the homosexual side of bonding coming in? Quinn has sex with guys as well as women but doesn't want to be with his best friend who is in love with him? I thought it was sweet but sad in the Butch and V story line but how many times is she going to use this between best friends?

Not that this has to do with anything really but when I read about Lash(especially pretrans), I think of that blonde bully from the original Karate Kid movie.

On to Lover Avenged.......