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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
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Sullivan's Justice - Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
This had some discrepancies. What is written in the begining of the book doesn't make sense with the ending when it comes to one of the killers. This killer is believed to be a towering, strong, thin male in a leather jacket and motorcycle helmet. He speaks to the victim in his real and undisguised voice (as noted by the author). The victim is convinced he wants to rape her and she throws under garments at him thinking it might turn him on so he will just rape her instead of killing her. The references of "him", "he" and "his" are described of the assailant throughout the attack. But at the end it turns out to be a middle-aged married wife and mother with MS. Earlier in the story, this killer meets the "boss" on vacation, it is never noted that she has a masculine voice. Why did no one else catch this in editing?