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Covet - J.R. Ward I would really rate this as a 3.5, but I rounded up since I thought it was better than average.

A few appearances from the guys of the BDB books. Trez had good amount of face time with the main character as M-T's Pimp from The Iron Mask. Even though neither was mentioned by name, Phury ran into M-T at the church before the N/A meeting and Butch was praying at the church in his Red Sox cap. And Jim rented his upstairs apartment from Fritz. It was good to "see" them again.

The plot of the story was pretty good and I liked the banter between the guys. In general, I liked the book, but I didn't get that addicted feeling the way I did with the early BDB books. It was a good change of writing for Ms. Ward and not badly done for her first in the series.

And now the Cons would be:
So MANY unanswered questions and details that were just glossed over!
1. Adrian(a fallen Angel)has supposedly been looking for Devina the Demon(his arch enemy)for years, but when she's right in front of him in the first chapter, he doesn't do anything except push Jim(his trainee fallen Angel)into sleeping with her knowing how she could possess him?
2. For the majority of the story you are lead to believe M-T's ex-husband is her stalker. So, why was Seth obsessed with M-T? There was very little background on him with the exception of him being jailed previously, which had to do with what?
3. One of the finale fights wasn't even written about. What happened at Devina's with Adrian? Ms. Ward just kind of mentions, as an afterthought, that he was chained and Devina moved out, but hey at least he managed to get the jewelry! Though it is never written how he actually did that.

Will I read the next book? Yeah, I am really hoping she'll answer some of the questions I have and of course, I love a new paranormal romance!