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Slave - Cheryl Brooks I'll be honest, I didn't read the whole book.

1. The main female character is Amazon-like and portrays herself as a guy in the first few chapters. She must be more manly than feminine because she fools everyone.
Not my idea of a leading lady...

2. Imagine you are a male slave with cuff restraints on your neck, wrists, ankles and groin area(head of penis and testicles). And you have been whipped, so you have sores along your back and who knows what kind of lice live on you. Covered with crusted dirt and a smell so awful that people have to wear filtration mask so they don't get your aroma. Now imagine having the restraints removed (cock piercing too), taking a shower. And what do you want to do now? The new Amazon-like woman who rescued you an hour before of course! It actually says in the chapter that he is still dripping blood and fluid from the wound from where the piercing had been. Ouch and Ewww right?
Not my kind of romance so far....

3. The chapter that finally made me stop reading, was where the lovely couple decided to go to a restaurant where a random man asked if he could touch the woman's nose. The "slave" said yes. The man not only touched her nose with his penis instead of his finger, but decided to get off on it?!?! But wait, it gets worse..... Every male in the restaurant decides this is a great idea and do the same!
Does this get you hot or what?

So, needless to say, I didn't get more than a quarter through this book. This was free on Kindle so I only lost a little time on it and nothing else.