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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
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Stephen King
Bond with Me - Anne Marsh Goblins? How sexy are they? That seemed to be the only original idea in this book, and not one that really appealed to me. It seemed that all the other paranormal creatures had already been used up?

The story felt like a diluted version of JR Ward's Fallen Angel series, but without the fun male banter and one liners. "Shitkickers" and "For fuck's sake" are truly JR Ward's signature phrases, but were used frequently in the story. The overuse of the word "hell" at the beginning of every other sentence or the begining of every curse, lost it's emphasis pretty quickly. Editing is a problem as well.

The majority of my reading list are paranormal romances, and I guess I'm just disappointed that there wasn't anything new/different introduced in the storyline between the main characters to make this one stand out. Like most of them, the story goes like this:
They are attracted to each other at first sight, they spend most of the story trying to deny their feelings, then comes the much anticipated Sex, and of course "MINE! MINE! MINE!", a fight breaks out with the enemy, the hero conquers all, they confess their love and live happily ever after. If you're looking for looking for something more, it's not found here.