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The Passage - Justin Cronin Since this is an almost 800 page book, I feel relieved just to be done!

It seems like I should explain my review since 3 stars pretty much means average. I rated this as a combination of three separate parts of the book.

The 1/3 is a solid 4 stars. The characters were vividly written and I actually cared about who they were and what they were doing. I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter and stayed up way past my bedtime that first night after starting it.

The 2/3 is a 2, and that is being more generous than it really deserves. There were too many characters! None of them were from the first part of the book, and it seemed like a completely different story. Not only did I not care who they were, I really didn't care if they died. At one point, I hoped that the story would move along faster if they did. I didn't care who was who's second cousin and reading about all the family's lineage for the past 100 years! I found myself skimming after an agonizing attempt to pay attention, but just gave up and starting looking for the quotation marks hoping that whatever they were talking about had something to do with the first part. This was a very long section!

The last section I would give a 3. This is where the first part and the second part merged to make a little more sense. A lot of exciting things happened but there were a lot of wasted events to get to them. Then of course since it's a trilogy, you don't get to find out what happens until the next two books come out. I will definitely read reviews for the next book before I spend the money.