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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James OK, because I'm tired of explaining to friends why I didn't like this book, I decided to ask a couple of quick question to them and the people that are giving this book 5 stars:

If Christian Grey was average looking and worked a minumum wage job, would you still think he was romantic?

Next time you are in a Super Center, look at the middle aged male cashier and tell me how romantic it would be to have him ask you to sign a contract to be his sex slave for a few months. Hopefully if you had any sense you would either run away or call the police. But put a pretty face on him and a wad of money in his pocket and the outlook is different?

Controlling does NOT equal romantic. People have filed restraining orders for less than his actions in this book. And why does no one find it creepy that he chose Ana because she looks like his mother?