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Eternal Seduction - Jennifer Turner Usually when you get a free book on Kindle, you really are getting what you pay for. But sometimes you read one that surprises you. This is one of those books. Don't let the title throw you off of what kind of book this is. It's not your normal PR. This is really about the heroine first and the romance second. What I liked about it most, is she didn't whine about anything! There is nothing worse than a heroine who is supposed to be a strong and smart woman who complains about everything. She is also not your typical heroine who is beautiful or rich or wants a better life for herself. She is content being who she is (no matter how bad off the reader think she is). That doesn't mean that she doesn't change for the better, but even at the HEA, she is still not perfect and there isn't some Alpha male asking her to be what he thinks a good woman should be.

The humor was definitely there. She has a great banter with Odin that I haven't found amusing in other books since the BDB series.

Another aspect of the book that was refreshing, was the history behind the vampirism. The author is talented enough to bring her imagination to the pages where I can visualize the story she is telling about where they came from and the hierarcy in it. I will happily read other books from this author based on this book alone.