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Appetizers - Ivan Rusilko, Everly Drummond I was intrigued with the premise of a beautiful looking man writing a fictional erotic story starring himself. Have you Googled this guy? He is gorgeous! I had high hopes, especially since it is co-written by an already established erotic author. But, I was disappointed in the lack of attention to detail that pulls a reader into the story. It is easy to get a picture of what Ivan looks like since you can actually see the real person on the internet before reading the book, but as far as Jaden’s appearance, it’s hardly described. There were too many parts in the book that were distracting and all I could do was ask myself, “Really? That’s a little unbelievable.” Most of the book is a little too coincidental to take seriously.

The story just kept reiterating how great this guy is. I mean, he is perfect at EVERYTHING (including letting the reader know he is well endowed and fantastic in bed). If I was unmarried, and had the opportunity, would I sleep with him? Probably. If I was unmarried and had the opportunity, would I DATE him? No. There were a lot of things about the character/real man that were unappealing to me. Without giving away too much of the story, he used a lot of cliché quotes when trying to be romantic (Live, Laugh, Love type of quotes). He used the endearment “Girl” constantly! The only people that can get away with calling me that term are my female friends and male gay friends. It drove me crazy to read it in every conversation the couple had. I have a new appreciation for my husband after reading this story.

It wasn’t an awful first book from this doctor/body builder/Mr. USA/hockey player/model/photographer/amateur chef/philanthropist/author, but I don’t think I will read the other two books in the Trilogy if they are exactly like this with only location changes.