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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz Very talented author! She has a very unique way of writing a book within a book and making it work. I really liked the storyline and the characters were well written and had substance. There was enough kink in this book to offend almost everyone. I am not easily offended, I like when an author pushes boundaries that others find too taboo to write about. Maybe that comes from feeling like most of the books I’ve read lately seem to have the same plot with different character names. They all seem to try to complete with 50 SOG. I HATED 50 SOG!

That being said, I couldn't relate to Nora's choices when it came to the mind games she played with the men in her life or even herself for that matter. She has lived a far too experienced life for her to make such immature and selfish decisions. I did like the fact that a book does not have to end in a HEA for you to be content with it. And if you’re not content, there are two other books in the series to satisfy your curiosity.