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Lying Season - Karina Halle This series went from Paranormal/Sci-Fi (and actually kind of scary) to whiney, overemotional and unnecessarily dramatic in the matter of one book. Yes, the scare factor is still there but those chapters are pretty scarce compared to the previous books. It has now become a paranormal romance. I want to point out that I really like paranormal romances. The majority of my reading list consists of this genre, BUT that isn't what I was looking for with this series. The situations in this story were a little ridiculous and you knew they would be filled with drama as soon as they were mentioned. I would hope real people would not put themselves in the uncomfortable positions that these people have. In the end, they didn’t solve any of the ghost/haunted mental institution/demons/creepy clown lady/dead ex-girlfriend who follows Dex/suppressed dreams from the past, etc. mysteries that have plagued them throughout the book. Not one!

Yet, I have been suckered into reading the next book in the series to hopefully find the answers I have been looking for since the first book. Damn my curiosity!