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Maiden (Sarah's Story)

Maiden (Sarah's Story) - Deborah Hainley Bonnar This could have been a higher rating if Silvanus didn't have the attraction to 13 year old Sarah. Even though it was repeatedly stated that his attraction wasn't sexual, it clearly was by his thoughts. He kissed her and had to show great restraint physically (she noticed his visibly growing erection) well before her 17th birthday. If you've ever raised a child, you know at 13 they are still a child. Had it just been Sarah infatuated with him at that age, I would have been ok with it. It bothered me even after she turned 18.

Silvanus nearly killed Sarah when she was 16 by drinking her almost dry. If she hadn't been taken to the hospital by her Uncle's family for transfusions, she would have been dead. This incident was never mentioned again by her or Silvanus. Not why he did it. No apologies. Nothing. Yet she was so in love with him that she could spin it in her mind to actually believe it was her fault!

There are also inconsistencies in the timeline of the book. This story was supposed to start out in 1977 but the terms used and the subjects spoken about were not from that era. I have started "Mother" and have also run into these type of inconsistencies. For example, when Sarah goes to the picnic in Hannum, she heard the teenagers talking about the latest CD one of them bought. This would have been 1987, they would have more likely been discussing cassette tapes.

Actually, those would be my only complaints with this story. It has kept me entertained and reading until the wee hours of the morning, which means it is doing what a book is intended to do. I would recommend this book to others but with a warning that I did have problems with some of the content.