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Autism - A Practical Guide for Parents

Autism - A Practical Guide for Parents - Alan Yau I have read several books on Autism and countless internet articles. They all tell me what Autism is and give examples of cases they have reviewed. There is a lot of good information out there but I was looking for help now. This was the first book I've read that gave me actual ideas on how to help my 5 year old son! While there is no substitute for my son's pediatrician, I needed help with the everyday at home activities. This book gave me insight to simple things that no one else had suggested. An example was to print out pictures for his schedule so he could "read" what he needed to do next. There has been a lot less friction just from this simple change. I also discovered that children with Autism have problems sleeping through the night. No one told me this, not even his doctor. This information helped with the guilt my husband and I were dealing with thinking that our parenting skills weren't up to par concerning his sleep issues.

While this book isn't for everyone, I found it extremely helpful for my son's age group and place on the Autism Spectrum.