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Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing - Renée Carlino This was actually painful to read. How can I dislike the main character Mia so much and yet continue reading until the over-the-top fairy tale ending? Because I was hoping that Mia would stop being a cocktease and give Wil a little relief already!

This 300+ page book could have been condensed by about 150 pages. I was actually happy when Mia was having her breakdown and was living like a depressed Winona Ryder! She showed at least some guilt for a short while. Then she makes the same mistakes again...... Are we then expected to believe that she finally learned her lesson and is now perfect and she deserves happiness?

This story seemed familiar to me somehow. It was as if some ideas were taken from other "Rock Star" type romance stories I've read recently. Some other readers have noticed this too and I haven't even read the YA books they are comparing this one to.

Three good things about this book were Wil, Lauren and most importantly, it wasn't a Trilogy.